Boy, I don’t blog much lately.  Now that I have a BB Pearl to play with, I think I’m going to start blogging more, pictures are fun.

That whole “mild winter” thing we were thinking when even after New Year’s there wasn’t snow…. all gone.  This is the most snow I remember at one stretch in a long time.  Makes for some fun driving, especially if you didn’t get snow tires because it didn’t really snow for the first two months of winter.  And even more especially when you’re driving down this:


For extra fun, I keep brushing off my car, four or more inches of buildup at a time (and I keep forgetting to leave time for this task when heading out to pick up kids etc).  Three feet or more since Saturday.  The parking lot was fully plowed Tuesday, and this is what the car next to mine looks like now:

Woo.  Snow.

Someone asked how people survive winter up here.  The answer is drive through coffee.. city of 30000 people, eight Tim Horton’s franchises.  And even after 9 AM, when people are supposedly at work already, this is what the line looks like:


Yes, that line goes onto the road, and the building is in behind the KFC at the left.  The people brave enough to go inside have overflown the parking lot into the KFC side as well.  I would not lie to the humble reader, but on those few occasions where I have arisen in time to see the 7-8 AM lines, there are human lines leading outside filled with people unwilling to idle on busy streets to actually be in the drive through line.
Great place to live, actually. 😉


  1. Sohail Mirza says:

    Whereabouts in Ontario are you?

    I wonder if it’s that bad in the Toronto area. My family’s been telling me it’s pretty darn cold there, but they didn’t make any mention of the blizzard conditions you just showed!

  2. Alex says:

    It looks like typical winter here in Siberia, Russia. :)

  3. julia says:

    wery nise

  4. Steve says:

    Looks like a fairly usual winter for those of us in Anchorage, AK. Cars barried every morning is normal to me. Anchorage has more coffee shops than any other US city, and half of them are drive throughs! Most of our snow just melted off in the last 2-3 weeks.

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