One last call for credits updates

Those marked as “yes” for active in Fx3 are going to be the indivuals in the credits for Firefox 3.  Please take a look and mail me with suggested changes ASAP.  Please don’t comment in the bug, I don’t want anyone put in an awkward position…

As a reminder, the criteria is anyone who made a substantial contribution to shipping Firefox 3, from design and engineering, to critical support people, and marketing/PR.  There isn’t a hard line, or a truly objective set of criteria, everything comes down to my discretion as the product owner.


  1. fantasai says:

    You might want to email everyone on the list and have them check to make sure their names are spelled correctly. Just a suggestion.

  2. Jason Kersey says:

    Gotta be honest, I find it highly lame that the people responsible for getting Firefox off the ground, and to the point that all the folks there now are able to collect a paycheck off it, have been removed from the credits. That to me is the whole point of having credits in the first place. There are of course silly extremes that I’m sure people will throw about, but there are certainly people who Firefox owe quite a lot to, and just because they didn’t help work on the crummy new URL bar for Firefox 3 doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be in the credits. My bitter two cents…

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