Via Rob Sayre:

This took two minutes

The Pencil Project is pretty awesome, and has a ton of potential.  This took me two minutes to build.


  1. Daniel Glazman says:

    Absolutely amazing. In one word : WOW…..

  2. ant says:

    I’m not sure from the website what it does, exactly. Is it just for prototyping and trying stuff out… or does it have a “save as xul” thing? If it did, _that_ would be awesome.

  3. Percy says:

    It really makes creating mockups a dead simple task which is what it is meant for. The ability to save a project as a XUL file would be a killing feature though.
    ant, I wrote a brief review at Mozilla Links today in case you want to know a little more:

  4. Daniel Glazman says:

    The excellent idea in that extension is the following one : the mockup is all based on canvas even if the rest of the UI is XUL and images. Amazing to see that all this quality resided in a ~400k XPI. Sincere congrats to the author..

  5. This post links to a couple of files:


    Which I think are not accessible on the web.

    Caught this in the Error Console… I know, I’ve got to get a life. 🙂

  6. an0n1 m0us says:

    This tool is impressive. I’d like to see more widgets for web design prototyping but otherwise it’s a great alternative to wireframes in evil Microsoft Powerpoint.

    What drives me mad about this sort of project appearing is how fundamentally close it *looks* to the long-desired XUL IDE. Between Pencil Project, Finkle’s XUL Explorer, Firebug’s chrome support, Venkman and Ted Mielczarek’s Extension Developer Extension, there appears to be so many elements already built that could form the core of an XUL IDE, yet MoFoCo hasn’t got the vision to lead such a project.

    Very frustrating! Gecko/JS/XUL could take cross-platform, standards compliant application development to a level that Qt, AIR, GTK+ and others cannot.